If the hole shall be circle or rectangle, click "Draw hole" first, then choose shape
 Width:  Height:

  <styleURL> τρέχον στυλ
  <tessellate></tessellate> <altitudemode>

Μπορείτε να δημιουργήσετε ή να αλλάξετε στυλ πατώντας το κουμπί "Επιλογές στυλ".
Μπορείτε να το πατήσετε τώρα ή οποιαδήποτε άλλη στιγμή.

Δημιουργία/επεξεργασία νέων στυλ
Αν αποθηκεύσετε ένα νέο στυλ, θυμηθείτε να του δώσετε ένα νέο όνομα
Polygon style
<Style id =
  <LineStyle> <color> 660000FF <width>
      Use this for <color> above and Opacity:
  <PolyStyle> <color> 660000FF (fill color)
      Use this for <color> above and Opacity:

Polyline style
<Style id =
  <LineStyle> <color> 660000FF <width>
      Use this for <color> above and Opacity:

Style 1


Choose option. Click on map to place a marker. Click again for next marker and so on. A line is drawn each time you add a marker. In the first option the line will follow the streets or roads on the map (GDirections). In the second option the line will be a straight line between the markers.
You may change style for the line with 'Style options'. Click 'Edit lines' if you want to edit the line.
Complete code is only available for KML and is presented in the text area.

Text for the markers' infowindows may be added when you are finished drawing.
Click 'Next shape' to finish the drawing.
Then click on the marker you want to give 'name' and 'description'.
Then click on 'Document, Placemark' and enter your content.
Then click 'Next shape' and go on with other markers.
Always click 'Next shape' before you click on a marker. No harm is done if you click too much on 'Next shape'.
A 'tinymarker' always indicates an active shape. 'KML' always shows complete code.

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